What is Ishyo Arts Centre?

                   Ishyo Arts Centre is a platform for artists, art lovers, cultural professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who is passionate about art. This successful non-governmental organization operates locally and internationally and brings cultural practitioners together to make traditional and contemporary culture available to all.

Ishyo also develops and supports innovative artists, projects and training programs mainly in literature, dance, music, poetry and theatre.

It’s the cultural hub of Kigali

“Getting there” section

The offices of Ishyo Arts Centre are temporally located in Kimihurura, at the International School of Kigali (EIK). Their events are hosted in various locations in Kigali.

2 thoughts on “What is Ishyo Arts Centre?

  1. Hello,
    I’m updating right now the only German written Travel Guide book about Uganda and Rwanda – and would like to add you.
    Where are you?
    How do people reach you by public transport?
    How can someone contact you (who is not on facebook or twitter)?
    Do you have regularly opening hours?
    People can get snack and drinks there?

    Pls keep me updated about all what is interesting to tourists.
    Thanks, Sabine

    +250 0782-695 405
    (from now until next Friday, when I go back to Kenya)

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