Livre du jour- ‘Weep not,Child’ de Ngugi wa Thiong’o: Introduction aux livres de notre bibliothèque Espace Madiba



‘Yes. Sunshine always follows a dark night. We sleep knowing and trusting that the sun will rise tomorrow. He liked this piece of reasoning. But he was rather annoyed when she laughingly said, ‘Tomorrow never comes. I would rather think of today.’ But her eyes dilated like a child’s as she looked hopefully at him. An idea came to her. She held Njoroge by the neck and shook him excitedly.
What is it?’ asked Njoroge, startled.
Something. Suppose you and I go from here so that we come back when the dark night is over…’

‘I could be such a nice sister to you and I could cook you very tasty food and—‘
‘Just a minute.’
‘It is a good idea, isn’t it?’
Njoroge was very serious. He saw his vision wrecked by such a plan. And what would God think if he deserted his mission like this?
‘No. No. How can we leave our parents alone?’
‘We could —‘

Ishyo Dream Team

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