In celebration of Intellectual Property Day… “Imitation is limitation” by Michaël Sengazi

A poem about (l)imitation…

Imitation is limitation

Ladies and gentlemen, May I have your attention?
What i’m going to say it’s important for the artistic expression…
It’s not from the bible but for some of us it is a revelation
The revelation is “imitation is limitation”

Imitation is limitation in the process of creation;
I’d rather create, than imitate…
It is hard to tolerate when people imitate or duplicate
What took all your strength to make or create…

For example, for a phone, they take “Samsung” and make it “Samsong”,
Or take some songs and make it one song,
Ain’t that wrong?

They say no pain, no gain!
But they duplicate the pain and take our gain,
And leave us with a worthless fame and a hidden shame,
So who’s to blame?

Imitation is limitation!
So ladies and gentlemen,  may i have…please… forever your attention?

Text by Michaël Sengazi

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