“(L)imitation” by Michael Sengazi (For Intellectual Property day)

Extract of Ishyo’s performance, directed by Carole Karemera for IP Day, May 26th, 2012


Ladies and gentleman, may i have your attention ?

May i have your attention please?

What i am going to say is important for artistic creation…

It is not from the bible but it is a revelation

The revelation is « imitation is limitation»

Imitation is limitation in the process of creation ;

I’d rather create than imitate…

It is hard to tolerate when people imitate or duplicate,

What took all your strength to make or create…

For a phone, for example, they take «samsung » and make it « samsong » ;

Or take some songs and make it one song ;

Ain’t that wrong ?

They say « no pain…no gain » ;

But they duplicate the pain and take away our gain ;

And leave us with a worthless fame, and a hidden shame ;

So who’s to blame ?

Imitation is limitation ;

So ladies and gentleman please may i have….forever…your attention ?


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