Do not miss: “FRONTIERES” or Between Me and You – This Wednesday at Ishyo Arts Centre

Dear friends,

We are more than happy to finally be able to unveil the mysterious project (“Frontières”) we have been talking about these past weeks! It’s beautiful and it’s happening this week.


Wednesday February 15th 2012 at 7 pm


Ishyo Theater Hall


This piece is a colloboration between 4 independent artists, creating a contemporary dance piece that incorporates live music and poetry and explores human limits and the ways we cling to our distinctions at the expense of our shared humanity. What is it to be human when we move beyond our personal boundaries? When does our reflection in the eyes of the other become our own enemy?
Excerpt :

Between me and you
is the wrong language
and my weird hair…

Between me and you
is skin…

Between me and you
is a police check point,
and one more for the road…

Between me and you is a breath…

Whether we like it or not
between me and you is air….



Music and Sound : Samuel Kamanzi and Shanel Nirere

Text and Editing : E.Spackman, Ruzibiza Wesley
Choreography and Artistic direction: Ruzibiza Wesley
Lights Design : Ariane Zaytzeff
Costume and design: Jan Wallyn and Muhire Patrick
Special Thanks to Carole Karemera for her time and Artistic advices


Ecole des Sables Jant-Bi/Projet COUP DE POUCE, Ishyo Arts Centre, POSITIVE PRODUCTION and INKANDA HOUSE

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