Sneak Peek… Artists Gala Promo Shoot by Illume CS – Part 2

A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain.  ~Arabian Proverb

As we were telling you in our last post, we had a wonderful shoot yesterday with many Rwandan artists in preparation of the Artists Gala of MArch 17th. Please stay posted for more info on the gala. Just know you will have the time of your life!

We made a promise yesterday, so today we will make more behind-the-scenes pictures rain!

Mutsar the great musician, gives the youngsters a lesson of style.

Talking about style, dancer/ choreographer/ musician/ Designer Saleh was clearly born to stand out!

Pierre, the Film producer rarely steps infront of the camera unless it’s for a really good cause!

Noémie (actress and musician) is a constant reminder that talent is innate. She is young and gifted!

More young talent! Tony one of the painters of Ivuka Arts Studio.

Judo, of Positive Production every artist’s best friend!

Aimable, singer/songwriter/actor and more, keeps it classy.

Ben, a lighting passionate and professionnal, is not afraid to sit in the shadow.

Moise, a soft-spoken man and a powerful singer.

Friends in Music: Papy John and Jones.

Wesley, the rising star of contemporary dance in the region, can’t stand still in front of a camera!

The beautiful Suhaa, CEO and designer of Ikanzu Designs and Accessories, shares her story with Illume.

Last but not least, Sammy who cannot stop himself from playing his guitar infront of a camera either…

There you go dear friends, that’s it for the behind the scene pictures. We cannot wait to see the actual images from the Illume boys.

We will keep you posted but in the meantime, feel free to share our blog with your friends.

A beautiful weekend to all of you!

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