Sneak Peek… Artists Gala Promo Shoot by Illume CS – Part 1

Dear friends, today was an intense day to say the least.


Glad you asked.

You see, Ishyo Arts Center is a member of the Arterial Network ( which is continent-wide network of non-government organisations, creative industry companies, festivals and individual artists engaged in the African creative sector.

Its goal is to promote and develop cultural industries in all African countries and facilitate intra-continental cooperation in artistic and cultural matters.

The Arterial Network Rwandan bureau has been active for a while now and its official launch will take place on March 17th during a gala by and for the artists. More on that very soon.

For that event we have tried to gather as many artists as possible for a photoshoot and a interview here at Ishyo. It happened this morning and it was made possible by the extremely talented Illume Creative Studio. So we were Philippe and Gaël’s assistants for a day and we loved every part of it! They made us see our beloved old building in a new, more colourful way.

Our deepest gratitude to all the artists who showed up and to Illume for this priceless gift.

Some behind the scenes pictures:

Sophie with her Inanga. This lady is a true trailblazer in Rwandan traditional music. Don’t miss her show “Thunder and Lightning of Inanga” in our theater hall on February 17th. (Organized by the Goethe Institute)

The Reggae legend Natty Dread, watch this space for new sounds and gigs.

Teta, CEO and Designer of Inzuki Designs. I hope you’ve all been to her shop, opposite BCR in the Ndaru Coffee compound.

John Rusimbi, one of Rwanda’s most talented writers shows us that you don’t have to be a kid to be playful.

Michael one of the actors of Comedy Knights holds a spiritual pose. Catch him on Feb 24th here at Ishyo for Comedy Nayiti.

Shannel the beauty with a golden voice. Do not miss her in a new multidisciplinary show called “Frontières” on the 15th of February. More info soon!

Also to be seen in  “Frontières”, Saïdi, Abdul and Sam here getting their contemporary dance moves on!

Innocent, one of the painters at Ivuka Arts. We hope you have all visited their studio in Kacyiru!

From Ivuka Arts as well, the lovely Emmanuelle, one of the kid dancers of Rw’Amakondera (How interesting is this picture?)

More behind the scenes pictures tomorrow. Stay posted and most importantly, MARK YOUR CALENDARS because on March 17th, you are spending your evening with all your favourite Rwandan artists!

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